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Career In Insurance Sales

Ensure Your Future with a Career In Insurance Sales

Career In Insurance SalesIf you are tired of your current career and ready to make a change, a job in the insurance industry is a great choice. Insurance is not only recession-proof, but it is also a valuable product that everyone needs. Selling is not always easy, however, and it does take some preparation. Failing to fully understand what you’re getting yourself into — and to have the tools you need to succeed — is a rookie mistake that you don’t have to make.

Why Insurance?

People from all walks of life can succeed in selling insurance. It is an opportunity to create an income without boundaries, and most importantly, it is a career that actually makes a difference in people’s lives. Depending on where you live, it may only take a few weeks to complete your education and obtain your state license, making insurance an industry with few barriers.

Start Here

Your first responsibility when deciding to leap into an insurance sales career is to research companies. Keep in mind that no two are alike; some have straightforward commission structures, while others may require a degree in advanced mathematics to figure out. Company culture is something else to consider, particularly if you’re making a career change as a way to serve your community. You can use Glassdoor to check out reviews from employees from major insurers such as Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company. Glassdoor can also point you in the direction of other company-pertinent info, like the number of employees and annual revenue.

A Career Goal

Now that you have researched companies with openings, you will want to set a clear objective for yourself to determine your goal. Decide early on whether this first foray into insurance sales is strictly to gain experience, to supplement your income, or to replace a full-time job.

Ace the Interview

When it is time to interview, make sure you dress for success. Indeed’s Career Guide smartly suggests showing up for your first meeting in business casual attire (unless it is obvious that business professional is preferred). In addition to what you wear, you’ll want to present yourself as a professional with your hair, makeup, and accessories. Show up on time and with a breadth of knowledge of the company and the types of insurance products they sell.

Go Pro

Interview: Check. Now it’s time to meet your first clients. Give yourself all the tools you need to communicate with both company management and potential enrollees, keep up with your meetings, and access information on-the-go. If your phone is older, consider upgrading to the iPhone XS Max, which has a long battery life and an incredible display with HDR capabilities. If you’re more interested in an Android, the BlackBerry Key2 is a powerful alternative that comes with the benefit of having a physical keyboard. Each of these devices is ideal for working remotely thanks to fast processors and crystal-clear sound.

Remember, Success Takes Time

Most people who jump headfirst into sales leave within the first year. That’s because it is not an easy industry, and there are no fast paths to riches. As with any career, it takes time and hard work to make your mark and become a trusted expert in the field. Don’t give up if you hit any bumps along the way. If you really want to make a life in the insurance industry, it takes time. Keep that in your mind, and use setbacks as a learning tool.

No matter your motivation, whether it’s the potential for a huge income or the ability to keep people from financial ruin, working as an insurance salesperson takes a fair amount of hard work. Start researching the companies that you want to work with, make sure you are fully prepared, and never lose sight of your goals.