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Mexico car insurance 
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What does Mexico tourist auto insurance cover?

*Bodily injury or property damage you cause to others

*Medical payments for you and your passengers

*Physical damage and theft

*Legal assistance

*Roadside assistance

Traveling to or residing in a foreign country like Mexico can be exciting. However, it also comes with challenges, including ensuring the right insurance coverage. As an independent insurance agent, I understand the complexities and nuances of obtaining insurance in Mexico for U.S. nationals. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on various aspects of insurance coverage in Mexico, from auto and health insurance to property and travel insurance.

We’ll explore the specifics of each type of insurance, discuss the legal requirements, and provide guidance on navigating the Mexican insurance landscape. Whether planning a short vacation, an extended stay or considering a permanent move, this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to ensure you’re adequately covered during your time in Mexico.

Car Insurance for Mexico

Driving in Mexico as a U.S. national requires a separate Mexico tourist auto policy, as U.S. auto insurance policies do not cover vehicles in Mexico. This policy includes coverage options such as physical damage, liability, vandalism, partial theft, medical payments, and roadside assistance.

When renting a vehicle in the U.S. and driving it into Mexico, it’s essential to understand the rental company’s restrictions and additional fees. Not all rental companies allow their vehicles to be driven into Mexico, and those that do may charge additional fees or require insurance through them. Some U.S. rental locations offer Mexican Automobile Liability Insurance, necessary for driving a rental car in Mexico.

Credit card companies may offer car insurance coverage for travel in Mexico. However, this coverage may not be comprehensive, and confirming the details with your card company is crucial.

Mexican auto insurance can be purchased through various platforms, including the Blake Insurance Group website. The process involves entering your information, buying the policy, and printing it out. It’s important to note that Mexican authorities will not accept U.S. or Canadian auto policies, making it crucial to have a valid Mexican auto insurance policy.

**Legal Requirements**: In Mexico, it is a legal requirement for all drivers to have liability insurance provided by an insurance company licensed to sell insurance in the country. U.S. and Canadian policies are not recognized as valid in Mexico. If you’re involved in an accident and don’t have Mexican liability insurance, you could face severe consequences.

These can include large monetary costs, as Mexican states can set a death liability amount as high as $500,000 in American dollars. If you cannot show the ability to pay at the time of the accident, you might also face jail time, as in Mexico, one is considered ‘guilty until proven innocent.’ Therefore, obtaining car insurance for Mexico is crucial if you’re driving there from the U.S. or Canada.

**Policy Duration and Payment**: Mexican insurance policies offer various duration options, from daily to six-month and annual policies. Obtaining coverage is straightforward: you specify the date and time you want coverage to begin, which can be immediate or up to one year in advance. After your credit card is approved, your insurance policy is generated and issued to you immediately. You can print your Mexican insurance policy directly from the insurance provider’s website. Long-term policies (six months or a year) often come with significant discounts compared to the cost of a daily policy, making them an excellent option for those who frequently travel to Mexico.

In terms of payment, you pay for your insurance policy using a secure online credit/debit card payment gateway. If you choose to cancel your policy, you must do so before the effective date to receive a full refund. However, daily policies are not refundable if they have already begun. For long-term policies, premiums are fully earned by the insurer generally within the first 20-30 days of use.

How much is Mexico car insurance

The cost of car insurance in Mexico can vary depending on several factors, such as the value of your car, the length of your stay, and the type of coverage you choose. Generally, the cost of Mexican car insurance for tourists can range from $50 to $80 for liability-only coverage and $150 to $200 for full coverage.

If your vehicle is over 20, you may only be eligible for liability coverage. If your insurance policy in the U.S. does not include collision and comprehensive coverage, you are typically ineligible for physical damage and theft coverage in Mexico.

The cost of your Mexican car insurance will also depend on the limits of liability you choose. Mexican law requires a minimum of about $300,000 worth of third-party liability damage coverage.

Some companies offer daily, semi-annual, or annual pricing packages. For example, a daily package may cost just as much as a six-month package, depending on the duration of your stay.

For a car worth $15,000 with optional full coverage (including $300,000 worth of liability coverage), the daily cost can range from $192 to $215, semi-annual from $369 to $371, and annual from $409 to $453.

It’s important to note that Mexican law does not recognize U.S. or Canadian auto insurance, so purchasing a Mexican car insurance policy is necessary to ensure you are covered in case of an accident.

You can typically obtain quotes and activate a Mexican car insurance policy in about 15 minutes, as long as you have the necessary information and documents ready, such as your trip dates, the make, model, and year of your vehicle, your vehicle’s market value, the declaration page for your existing car insurance, a general idea of the coverages and deductibles you need, and your car’s vehicle identification number.

Property Insurance in Mexico

Insurance coverage for homes and properties in Mexico can be quite comprehensive, offering various options to suit different needs. These include liability, dwellings, personal property, and coverage for natural disasters.

Liability coverage is crucial as it protects homeowners against claims or lawsuits due to accidental injury or damage to other people’s property on your property. The minimum limit of coverage for civil liability is USD 100,000, with a maximum limit of USD 2 million.

Dwelling coverage, also known as building coverage, provides replacement value coverage for your home and other structures on your property up to the limit you choose on your quote application.

Personal property coverage, or contents coverage, applies to furnishings, appliances, electronic equipment, and other contents. Your personal property can be insured from USD 5,000 to a maximum of USD 1 million.

Coverage for natural disasters is also available, with policies often tailored to the specific risks associated with the property’s location. For example, homes near the coast should be insured against hurricane damage and earthquakes, whereas inland homes may only need coverage for earthquakes and possibly flooding.

The wording and terms of Mexican insurance policies can differ significantly from those in the U.S. and Canada. For instance, property insurance in Mexico often includes co-payments and deductibles. Specialist companies based in the U.S. have developed property ownership insurance policies that reflect the wording, terms, and coverages typically included in U.S. and Canadian policies to bridge this gap.

Homes and Condos

Mexican Tourist Insurance Agency

When it comes to insuring homes and condos in Mexico, U.S. nationals have access to comprehensive insurance options that cater to a variety of needs. These policies can include coverage for the dwelling itself, other structures on the property, personal property within the home, and loss of use or rental income. Liability coverage is also a key component, protecting homeowners against claims for accidental injury or damage to others’ property. Additionally, personal injury protection is available, and policyholders have the option to add catastrophic coverage for events like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis.

MexiPass offers specialized insurance programs such as MexiHome® PLUS and MexiHome® CondoPLUS, which are designed for foreign residents owning homes and condos in Mexico. These programs are underwritten by AIG Seguros México and aim to provide coverage that aligns with U.S. standards, which is not typically available in standard Mexican insurance policies. The MexiHome® PLUS policy is suitable for homes with dwellings valued up to $1 million USD, while the MexiHome® CondoPLUS is tailored for condos and belongings valued under $500k USD. For higher-value condos, the MexiHome® CondoJUMBO policy is available.

One of the benefits of these programs is that the policies are written in both English and Spanish, making it easier for policyholders to understand the coverage they are purchasing. Moreover, MexiPass emphasizes the simplicity of obtaining insurance through their online portal, which offers simplified ratings and automatic binding.


Insurance considerations for U.S. nationals owning townhomes in Mexico are similar to those for standalone homes and condos. It’s essential to have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers various aspects of the property and potential liabilities.

**Liability Coverage**: This is a critical component of townhome insurance, as it protects the owner from legal responsibility if someone is injured on the property or if there is damage to another person’s property.

**Dwelling Coverage**: This part of the insurance policy covers the physical structure of the townhome. It can help with repair or rebuilding costs if a covered risk, such as fire or severe weather, damages the townhome.

**Personal Property Coverage**: Also known as contents coverage, this protects the owner’s belongings inside the townhome, such as furniture, electronics, and other personal items, against risks like theft, vandalism, or damage from a covered loss.

**Natural Disaster Coverage**: Depending on the townhome’s location in Mexico, it may be prudent to have coverage for natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods. These events can cause significant damage, and having the right coverage can provide financial protection.

Owners of townhomes should consult with an insurance provider specializing in Mexican property insurance to get tailored advice and ensure that they have adequate coverage for their specific needs and risks. It’s also important to understand the policy’s terms and conditions, including any exclusions or limitations, to ensure comprehensive protection while in Mexico.

RV insurance Mexico

RV insurance in Mexico is similar to standard auto insurance, but it is necessary to acquire additional coverage if you plan to use your vehicle in Mexico. Most RV insurance policies issued in the United States will not provide coverage once you enter Mexico. Therefore, you must purchase a Mexican RV insurance policy.

Mexican RV insurance policies can cover US or Canadian-registered RVs that travel into Mexico. These policies can provide third-party liability protection required by Mexican law and additional coverages for physical damage, collision, vandalism, and theft. Some policies also offer medical evacuation and travel assistance without adding extra coverage.

It’s important to note that Mexican authorities do not recognize US and Canadian liability insurance, and the consequences for driving uninsured can be severe. If you are in an accident or other vehicle-related problem while driving without Mexican insurance, your RV could likely be permanently confiscated, and the police could detain you.

If driving an RV towing a pickup truck, you must purchase two Mexican insurance policies. One policy will cover the RV and Pickup while the RV acts as the Power Unit towing the pickup truck. This policy will also cover the RV while the Towed Unit is detached. The second policy covers the Pickup Truck only.

Several insurance companies offer Mexican RV insurance policies. These companies often provide online platforms where you can quote, purchase, and print your policy in minutes. Policies are typically written in English and Spanish, making it easier for policyholders to understand the coverage they purchase.

Boats and Personal Watercraft

For U.S. nationals traveling to Mexico with their boats or personal watercraft, it’s important to know that Mexican law requires all watercraft entering Mexico’s ports to carry Mexican Watercraft Liability insurance. This insurance ensures financial responsibility if the boat is involved in an accident causing damage to other vessels, marinas, or bodily harm.

U.S. or Canadian marine insurance is not recognized by the Mexican government, even if the policy includes extended coverage for Mexico. Therefore, your boat’s liability insurance must be issued by a company authorized by Mexico’s National Insurance Commission. If your watercraft is involved in an accident in Mexican waters without the appropriate Mexican insurance, your boat could be impounded. You may be detained until fault and damages are settled.

Several companies offer Mexican boat insurance policies that adhere to American standards. These policies cover a range of watercraft, from yachts and sailboats to Jet Skis and Sea-Doos. Coverage options typically include liability, hull damage, uninsured boaters, and other coverage parts common in U.S. policies. Policy length is flexible, allowing you to buy a policy for a weekend getaway or a boat you regularly dock at a Mexican marina.

It’s important to note that these policies are typically for pleasure cruising. If you have accepted payment from your guests, your insurance policy may not protect you. Also, Mexican law requires that any boat with fishing gear on board must have a current Mexican fishing license for each person on board, including children old enough to fish.

Travel medical Insurance for Mexico

Travel medical insurance is crucial for trips to Mexico as U.S. health insurance, including Medicare, typically does not provide coverage in Mexico. Travel medical insurance reimburses for unplanned, emergency medical costs incurred during the trip. These costs include ambulance service, dental emergencies, hospital fees, operating room charges, treatments, prescriptions, and diagnostic tests such as X-rays and lab tests. Even if you have a primary U.S. insurance plan, it will likely provide little to no help while out of the country. In 2023, travelers spent an average of $96 on medical-only travel insurance.

Comprehensive travel insurance provides the most benefits and is ideal for nearly every traveler. It typically covers trip cancellation, interruption, baggage loss, medical and dental emergencies, emergency evacuation, 24-hour traveler assistance, and accidental death benefits. Some comprehensive plans offer additional coverage, such as rental car damage or financial default. The comprehensive policy usually covers delays, cancellations due to sickness or death lost luggage, and some emergency medical costs. Coverage limits range greatly depending on the comprehensive plan that is purchased. In 2023, travelers spent over $400 on average for comprehensive plans.

While travel insurance isn’t legally required for Mexico, many people still purchase it for peace of mind and to protect against the financial toll of unexpected events during their trip. Before purchasing travel insurance, it’s important to understand what’s covered and not, any limitations on coverage amounts, and coverage requirements.

Top Mexico Insurance Companies: Chubb, HDI Seguros, and Grupo Nacional Provincial

Navigating through insurance options can feel overwhelming, but knowing more about the companies behind these policies can help simplify your decision. Let’s dive into the specifics of three top Mexico insurance companies: Chubb, HDI Seguros, and Grupo Nacional Provincial.
Mexico insurance
Mexico insurance Arizona

Chubb has established itself as a global powerhouse in the insurance industry, earning the title of the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company. Moreover, it stands as the largest commercial insurer in the U.S.

With a presence in 54 countries and territories, Chubb is known for its extensive product and service offerings, broad distribution capabilities, risk expertise, underwriting discipline, and exceptional financial strength. This company is adept at crafting the best insurance coverage and service for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

When it comes to Mexican auto insurance, Chubb is a trustworthy choice. Their policies come with varied features, including daily, six-month, and annual policies, full coverage or liability-only options, and various liability limits up to US $500K. With all policies, Chubb also provides comprehensive legal, medical, and travel services 24/7. One unique aspect is that their claims and repairs can be settled in Mexico or the U.S., providing extra convenience for policyholders.

HDI Seguros belongs to the Talanx Group, one of Germany’s largest companies. Despite its European roots, HDI Seguros maintains a strong local presence with more than 1,500 Mexican employees committed to providing quality service.

HDI Seguros offers high-quality Mexico insurance products and services. Their bilingual staff and a claims office in McAllen, Texas, ensure smooth communication and prompt claim settlement.

Regarding Mexican auto insurance, HDI offers daily, six-month, and annual policies. They have full coverage for motorcycle models and liability limits up to US $500K. With HDI, you also get 24/7 claims, medical and travel services, and roadside assistance on most policies.

Grupo Nacional Provincial

Grupo Nacional Provincial is one of the most experienced and solid Mexican insurance companies. They have built a reputation over the years for providing financial protection to their insured and caring for their dreams, stories, emotions, and experiences.

GNP Seguros offers various auto insurance policies tailored to different needs. These include daily, six-month, and annual policies, full coverage or liability only, and full coverage for many motorcycle models. Like the other two insurers, GNP also provides various liability limits up to US $500K.

What sets GNP apart is its 24/7 availability of claims, medical and travel services, and roadside assistance on most policies. Their Premier policy also offers expanded coverage, including vandalism and partial theft.

How much is Mexican insurance?

The cost of Mexican car insurance for tourists can range from about $50 to $80 for liability-only coverage and $150 to $200 for full coverage. The specific price you pay depends on factors such as the value of your car, the length of your visit, and the coverages you choose.

What kind of insurance do I need in Mexico?

In Mexico, you are required by law to have liability insurance. If you cause a car accident, this covers bodily injuries and property damage to others. Your U.S. car insurance typically won't cover you unless you buy extra insurance, sometimes called Mexico tourist auto insurance or Mexican car insurance.

Is it worth getting travel insurance for Mexico?

Whether it's worth getting travel insurance for Mexico depends on your individual circumstances and the nature of your trip. If your plans involve activities like hiking in the mountains or scuba diving, a more comprehensive travel insurance policy would be a good idea. The average cost of travel insurance for an eight-day trip to Mexico is $157.

Can I go to Mexico without insurance?

There is currently no legal requirement to purchase general Mexico travel insurance to travel to Mexico. However, traveling without insurance is a risk, and many travelers buy coverage even though it’s not required for the peace of mind it brings.

Can you drive a US car in Mexico?

Yes, you can drive a U.S. car in Mexico, but you must have liability insurance from a Mexican insurer to drive your vehicle on Mexican roadways. Driving without adequate insurance for your vehicle in Mexico can result in fines.