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Navigating the Intricacies of Critical Illness Insurance: An Agent's Perspective


Have you ever stopped to consider the financial implications of a sudden critical illness like cancer or a heart attack? Alongside the inevitable emotional stress, the mounting medical bills and regular life expenses such as mortgage payments or car installments can quickly become overwhelming. However, there is a beacon of hope during these challenging times – Critical Illness Insurance

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As an experienced insurance agent, I have seen how critical illness insurance can serve as a financial lifeline. This unique insurance coverage is designed to ease the financial burden families face during severe illness, providing the necessary funds to cover medical and daily life expenses. Here’s a rundown of how it works and how to find and buy the right policy.


Critical illness insurance covers costs associated with certain diseases and specific policy conditions. If you are diagnosed with one of these ailments, a lump sum payment is paid out directly to you as the insured. Common conditions covered by critical illness policies are listed below but keep in mind the conditions covered will vary by policy:

  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Kidney failure
  • Organ transplant
  • Heart transplant
  • Paralysis
  • Coronary bypass surgery

Understanding Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance offers coverage for specific serious conditions. Once diagnosed with one of the covered ailments, you, as the insured, receive a lump sum payment directly. The insurance typically covers conditions like cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, organ transplant, paralysis, coronary bypass surgery, and more. However, the conditions covered can vary from one policy to another.

The beauty of critical illness insurance is that it covers costs that traditional insurance might not, and the money can also be used for non-medical costs related to the illness, including transportation and child care. Coverage limits vary, and policy pricing is influenced by numerous factors, including the coverage amount and extent, the insured’s sex, age, and health status, and family medical history.

However, it’s important to note that not all illnesses are covered, and there are exceptions. Some types of cancer may not be included, and chronic illnesses are often exempted. Some policies might end when the insured reaches a certain age. Therefore, always read the policy carefully.

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter: how do you find the best critical illness insurance, and how can you buy it online?

Finding and Comparing Critical Illness Insurance

You can easily obtain critical illness insurance quotes by searching for “critical illness insurance quotes online”. Comparing policies is straightforward too. Use keywords such as “critical illness insurance compare” or “critical illness cover compare” to find sites that allow you to compare the different options available.

Insurance companies like Aflac, AIG, American Fidelity, Assurity, UnitedHealthcare, National General, and Combined Insurance, to name a few, offer critical illness policies. Each one provides varying benefits and terms, so it’s crucial to compare them to find the one that best fits your needs.

Buying Critical Illness Insurance Online

The process of buying critical illness insurance online is convenient and straightforward. Search for “buy critical illness insurance online” or “critical illness insurance quote online” to find providers that offer online purchasing options. Remember to review the policy details before buying, and consider consulting with a professional if you’re unsure.

As an experienced insurance agent, I can’t stress enough how vital it is to be prepared. Nobody expects a life-threatening illness, but when the unexpected happens, you want to be prepared. Critical illness insurance can provide a safety net for you and your family, helping to mitigate the financial stress so you can focus on recovery.

The three basic critical illness forms you can purchase are: Simplified Issue Individual:

A simplified issue critical illness insurance policy is available in amounts up to $50,000. The underwriting requirements are not as rigorous as for a critical care policy for a more substantial amount and ask only a few basic health questions. These plans are affordable for most families, and we can give quotes over the phone or online.

Fully Underwritten Individual:

 For a critical illness insurance policy in amounts up to $500,000, you can buy a fully underwritten policy. Be prepared to give a very detailed medical history to the insurance company for a higher amount of coverage. Some employers may offer this type of critical illness insurance.

Policy Rider:

Some life insurance policies offer critical illness coverage through an endorsement to the policy (policy rider). Call us for your life insurance quotes today.

Like any other life insurance or accident insurance policy, the rate will vary by carrier and applicant information. Call Blake Insurance Group today for all of your life insurance needs.

Navigating the Storm of Critical Illness: A Look at Reputable Insurance Companies

There are numerous companies offering critical illness insurance, both individual and group.

In the unexpected event of a critical illness, choosing the right insurance policy can make a world of difference. Here, we explore seven reputable companies offering critical illness insurance in Arizona and beyond, showcasing the unique features of their policies.

Aflac Critical illness insurance Arizona

Accident Insurance Arizona

Aflac Critical Illness Insurance Arizona: A name synonymous with supplemental insurance, Aflac offers critical illness policies designed to fortify your financial standing in the face of serious health events. They step in to fill the gaps left by your major medical coverage, helping to shoulder treatment costs and other related expenses. No one anticipates a heart attack or stroke, but with Aflac, you’re assured of a safety net if the unthinkable occurs

Why do you need an Aflac critical illness insurance policy?

You may be surprised to find out that a serious illness, such as a heart attack, can leave you with $50,005 in out-of-pocket costs3, even with major medical coverage. This is because your medical plan might not cover all the costs associated with critical care.
Don’t wait for an emergency to find out. See how a critical illness policy can help protect you and your family today.           Quote Now

AIG Critical illness insurance Arizona

Critical illness insurance Arizona

• AIG CriticalCare AIG Critical Illness Insurance Arizona: A global leader in the insurance industry, AIG provides CriticalCare Plus insurance. This policy stands out for its flexibility and comprehensive coverage, spanning a broad range of conditions that can dramatically alter your lifestyle. Upon diagnosis, AIG delivers a single-payment benefit to you, which can range from $10,000 to a staggering $500,000. The aim is to give you the financial freedom to use the funds as you see fit during your health journey

• Benefits payable are subject to the terms of the policy, including limitations, reductions, and exclusions. Not all benefits are available in all states.                          Quote Now

American Fidelity Critical illness insurance Arizona

American Fidelity Critical Illness Insurance Arizona: Catering primarily to employees, American Fidelity offers Critical Illness Insurance designed to provide a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness. The benefit can be utilized to cover a variety of costs, from deductibles and copayments to aftercare and everyday living expenses, not to mention compensating for lost income during your recovery period

AF ™ Critical Illness Insurance is designed to pay a lump-sum benefit directly to your employees if they’re diagnosed with one of the life-altering illnesses covered in the critical illness group policy. They can use these benefits to help pay for deductibles, copayments, aftercare, everyday living expenses, or even lost income while they’re away from work recovering.      Quote Now

Assurity Critical illness insurance Arizona

Assurity Critical Illness Insurance Arizona: With a customer-centric approach, Assurity provides a critical illness policy that promptly pays out a lump sum upon the first diagnosis of a covered illness or medical condition. This benefit can become a financial lifeline, helping you manage mortgage payments, monthly bills, out-of-pocket medical costs, and living expenses during a challenging time

UnitedHealthcare Critical illness insurance Arizona

UnitedHealthcare Insurance agent ArizonaUnitedHealthcare Critical Illness Insurance Arizona: Known for its comprehensive health care services, UnitedHealthcare extends its offerings to include Critical Illness Insurance. This policy provides a lump-sum cash benefit to help offset expenses associated with serious illnesses. Beyond the coverage provided by your primary health insurance plan, this policy offers additional financial support, alleviating some of the fiscal strain often associated with serious health conditions

National General Critical illness insurance Arizona

Cancer & Heart/Stroke.

National General Critical Illness Insurance Arizona: National General’s distinctive Cancer and Heart/Stroke coverage offers a beacon of hope during life-threatening illnesses. Upon the first diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, or stroke, you’ll receive cash benefits, providing financial stability to face treatment and recovery. The benefits can be used to cover medical expenses, transportation to treatment centers, and other costs that often arise during these health events


Critical Illness – Term Life.

Reduce the financial impact of critical illness for both you and the people you love.
When you choose Critical Illness– Term Life coverage, you reduce the potential financial impact of critical illness on your family and your future.

This plan pays cash right to you. And you can use the cash in any way you need, helping you replace lost income and pay expenses other plans don’t pay.
Lump-sum cash benefits upon first diagnosis or treatment– over and above any benefits, you receive from any other plan.
Freedom to visit any doctor or hospital you want and you can use the cash benefits any way you need.
Benefits paid with no deductibles, coinsurance, co-pays, or pre-authorization required for this plan. You’ll love it.

Combined Insurance Critical illness insurance Arizona

Critical Care Insurance: What You Need to Know.
Most of us say, “It will never happen to me.” But each year, over 720,000 Americans will have a heart attack1 and more than 795,000 will suffer a stroke.2 Half of American men and one-third of American women will develop cancer sometime in their lives3.

Combined Insurance Critical Illness Insurance Arizona: A prominent provider of supplemental insurance, Combined Insurance offers Critical Care Insurance that prioritizes your financial health during a critical illness. Their policies offer assistance for both medical and non-medical bills, ensuring you and your family face less financial stress during an already challenging time.

Cost of Critical Illness Insurance.

The cost of critical illness insurance is going to vary based on how much coverage you purchase can be affected by any pre-existing medical conditions. For policies with a face value of $50,000 or less, you may not be required to take a medical exam

Choosing the right critical illness insurance can provide peace of mind and financial security during some of life’s most challenging chapters. By considering the unique offerings of these seven reputable providers, you can find a policy that best fits your needs, providing a safety net when you need it the most.

You can purchase a simplified issue policy worth anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. The premiums range from $180 to over $1,500 annually and may cost you more if you are a tobacco user. For amounts over $50,000, you will have to fill out a medical questionnaire to see if you are eligible and then receive a quote to purchase a policy.

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