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Top Senior Financial Stresses

Top Senior Financial Stresses

Turning 65, medicare

As a pre-retiree, you may be concerned about how you will cope without a continuous paycheck coming in. However, you are not alone and many older adults suffer from the symptoms of stress due to financial worries. Setting up life insurance ahead of time should give you some peace of mind that your bills will be covered should anything happen to you, but there may be things insurance won’t cover such as:

long term care insurance

  • Unforeseen expenses after retirement
  • Miscalculating retirement funds
  • Understanding social security entitlement
  • Continuing with mortgage repayments
  • Keeping up with debt repayments
  • The rising cost of living

Many seniors are worried about facing the reality of end of life planning on top of all this. Meeting the cost of life insurance can also be a worry if any unforeseen expenses occur so it is important to choose a plan that is right for you.Take a look at these top financial worries for pre-retirees and prepare for your future.