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Why You Need Mobile Home Insurance Coverage

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Manufactured home insurance

Your mobile home is exactly what its names implies – your home. It’s where you live and where your treasured possessions are.  Your home is important to you and your family and it deserves to be protected like any other home. Mobile home insurance is so important that it’s mandatory in Arizona and every state in the US. Make sure you have the right protection by getting mobile home insurance quotes that fit your budget and can protect your family when you need it most.


More than 17 million homeowners choose manufactured housing and mobile homes make up a significant portion of these homes, which are built in a factory and delivered to a home’s site. The main difference between a mobile home, other manufactured homes, and traditional housing is that mobile homes do not rest on a foundation. Unfortunately, this lack of foundation sometimes leaves Arizona mobile homes susceptible to strong winds, harsh weather conditions, and serious damage. They are built with certain specifications in mind and, in most cases, offer safe, affordable, comfortable housing. So, they require insurance coverage in the case of damage or the need for replacement to make sure your family can return to its daily routine as quickly as possible. Insurance coverage provides you with four important things.


Property Damage Protection

Whether the roof of your home or other parts of the exterior structure suffer damage in the event of vandalism, storm or fire, your home will be protected. You’ll work with a compassionate insurance agent who will help you find the relief you need quickly.

Content Damage

Obviously, the contents of each home vary greatly. A qualified insurance agent will help you carefully assess the loss or damage of your possessions and assign a dollar value to the cost of repairing or replacing them.

Mobile Home Replacement

The amount that it will cost to rebuild your home varies based on a number of factors, including the age of your home and its depreciated value.

Liability Coverage In the unfortunate event that someone is hurt or seriously injured while visiting your mobile home, the right insurance policy can cover medical bills that might otherwise take a huge bite out of your budget. While it isn’t likely to cover any slip-and-fall accidents you or your family member sustain on your own property, it will cover you if your son or daughter breaks the window of a neighboring home while playing outside.


Mobile home insurance quotes for your Arizona property will help you find the policy that best fits your budget, home, contents, and other personal factors. No two mobile homes are exactly alike, so we don’t provide cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all policies or coverage. We believe your home is where you heart is and we take that very seriously. We offer you the same excellent customer service and the same comprehensive coverage and protection we offer traditional homeowners. Call us today for a fast, free mobile home insurance quote in Arizona. Our friendly, professional agents are ready to serve you and to make sure you get the protection you need, the coverage your home requires, and the peace of mind you deserve