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4 Tips For Getting Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

4 Tips For Getting Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

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 If you’re one of the more than 8 million motorcycle owners in the US, you’re probably among the group who wants cheap motorcycle insurance in the Tucson, AZ area. Tens of thousands of motorcyclists experience an unfortunate accident or fatality each year. While we hope that number never includes you, we also want you and the motorcycle you love to be protected if it does. Especially since an affordable motorcycle insurance quote is as easy to come by as an affordable auto insurance quote. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure you get the best motorcycle insurance rate possible.

Maintain a good motorcycle driving record. For that matter, make sure your automobile driving record is as clean and clear as possible, as well. A good driving record shows insurance companies that you take the responsibility of being on the road seriously. That makes it easier for them to offer you their best rates, so make sure you avoid tickets and moving violations.

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We didn’t become the # 1 motorcycle insurance company by just giving our riders “the basics.” You’re passionate about your bike, so we dig deeper to offer a wide range of coverage’s. Plus, we offer competitive rates with plenty of ways to save. Get a free quote, buy motorcycle insurance online, and see why 1 in 3 insured motorcycle riders choose Progressive.

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You can get a motorcycle insurance policy starting at just $75 per year. * We’ll automatically apply all of your discounts when you get a motorcycle insurance quote online or on the phone.

Take a motorcycle driving class. Enrolling in these classes tells insurance companies in Tuscon, AZ that you are properly trained to ride your bike and that you’re a safe, reliable motorcycle driver. Motorcycle training courses are available at many reputable dealers and community colleges. They’re a good idea for new motorcyclists and a smart refresher course for veteran motorcyclists following an accident.

Keeping an eye on your credit score will also reduce the insurance company’s concerns and help lower your rates. A good credit score serves you well in all areas of life, but it can mean a substantial discount when shopping around for motorcycle insurance.

Pay as much insurance as you can as often as you can. Paying quarterly, biannually, or annually can add up to big savings. Why? Because when you pay by the month, you’re most likely paying a fee for the extended payments. Paying in one or two lump sums for your motorcycle insurance cuts your rates a good bit.

Bonus tip: Talk to your insurance agent about combining affordable auto insurance and motorcycle insurance into one quote. This combined policy is one more smart strategy for finding dependable, cheap motorcycle insurance in Tucson, AZ.