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Five Pro-tips Shopping for Online Auto Insurance

The internet is a treasure trove of wonder and excitement; we can find almost anything we could ever desire and have it delivered.  Even auto insurance, in your pajamas from your couch. What could be better than free car insurance quotes?


When looking for auto insurance quotes online, be sure you chose a trusted and licensed insurance agent like Blake Insurance.  The agents at Blake Insurance are trusted auto insurance specialists that want to help you get the best possible coverage at the best possible rates.

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Here are Five Pro-tips for Shopping for Online Auto Insurance



Whether you’re buying auto insurance from an agent or getting a quote online, you may have to give information such as your driver’s license number or the make, model, and year of your vehicle. You may also be asked specific questions about your car (such as its mileage or safety characteristics) to get the most accurate online car insurance quote. It will prove very helpful to have this information close at hand when shopping for car insurance.



The type and amount of insurance coverage you choose directly affects how much you’ll pay for auto insurance. It is a wise idea to research the coverage beforehand that makes sense for your specific situation.



Insurance companies may offer different car insurance premium discounts. It’s best to get price quotes from at least three insurers when you are shopping around, and an independent agent like Blake Insurance can do that for you. Factors such as your lifestyle and driving habits may help determine what discounts you qualify for based on the insurer.



Picking your auto insurance provider is an important decision. From online customer service to prompt claims handling, you need to be comfortable with the company you choose. Your best bet is talking with a local insurance agent like Blake Insurance — or better yet, No obligation online quote.