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Car Safety Is More Critical Than Ever, And Here’s Why

Car Safety Is More Critical Than Ever, And Here’s Why

There were more than 125,000 car crashes in Arizona in 2016. Nearly one thousand fatalities occurred in the state alone, affecting the lives of far more people in all. As vehicles become faster and better designed, one statistic that safety hasn’t outstripped is the danger of a car wreck, as the chances of an accident or injury are higher than ever before.

Accidents Rates Aren’t Going Down Yet

Nearly 60,000 people reported injuries in the state of Arizona just in the year 2016. Considering the US estimates that roughly 40,000 people died in the states due to fatal accidents that year, that means Arizona contributes one-fortieth of the country’s fatalities or more than its fair share. The number of fatalities per crash may have decreased in the last ten years, but accidents and permanent injuries are still scarring families.

The Future Isn’t Here Yet

The state has even taken a step towards fighting back against these rising statistics by testing controversial methods, like allowing the new self-driving cars to be tested there for a time. But self-driving cars are still an infantile technology requiring safety drivers and are far from ready to take the steering wheel out of driver’s hands. In fact, without proper supervision and testing first, the early introduction of self-driving cars could only increase the risk of crashes instead.

No Replacement For Experience

That’s why, especially if you’re young or new to driving, you should look for a healthy combination of proper driver’s education and insurance. Even at their best, studies show that drivers between the ages of 18-24 account for roughly one in four deaths in motor vehicle accidents. What’s more, about one in four young drivers will have another accident within a year of their first. Experience and education are still the largest factors in mitigating car accidents and injury.

Compiling All Of This We See…

So yes, car safety is more critical than ever. As the number of vehicles increases, so too does the number of accidents on the road. Whether they are fatal or not, these accidents can leave families impaired and grieving. And while no one wants to admit it, being in an incident that causes injuries is statistical proof that you will be in another accident in the future. So, we recommend a mixture of driver’s education, roadside awareness, and insurance you can trust.