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What is the Average Cost of Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare Part A and Part B that make up original Medicare often have out-of-pocket expenses that you will find yourself paying such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance.  That is where Medicare Supplemental or Medigap insurance plans come into play. we’ll help you compare Medicare plans

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Medigap plans are designed to cover gaps left behind by original Medicare.  There are ten plans offered by private insurance companies.  While each plan will carry the same benefit, no matter what insurance company you purchase it through, each plan differs in what it offers. It is best to discuss any questions with licensed Medicare supplement insurance agents such as Blake Insurance. medicare supplemental insurance Arizona

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What are the Premiums for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans?


Like with other insurance, Medigap plans do require premium payments. Since these plans are offered through private insurance companies, premiums for each plan will be different.  However, there are common rating methods that are used by insurers. we help you shop for the best medicare advantage plans


Community-rated: Each beneficiary is charged the same monthly premium, regardless of age. The premiums do not increase as you age but could increase over time due to inflation.

Issue-age-rated: The premium cost of these plans are factored on your age when you first buy the Medigap policy. Typically premiums are lower for younger buyers. These premiums do not increase as you get older but may increase due to inflation.

Attained-age-rated: Premiums are established based on your current age, and as you get older they increase. Premiums are cheaper for younger buyers but increase over time.

Other Factors that Determine the Cost Medicare Supplement Insurance Quotes

Discounts to women, people who are married, and non-smokers may be given by some insurance companies for the best medicare supplement plans

Discounts may be given to those who pay yearly, or who pay their premiums using electronic funds transfer.

A high-deductible option for Medigap Plan F may be available for purchase, which might offer a cheaper premium, but requires you to pay a substantial deductible before the plan begins.

If you enroll in a Medicare SELECT plan (a type of Medigap policy that may limit you to using doctors in the plan’s network), you might have a cheaper premium. Network restrictions apply

At Blake Insurance we are proud to offer United Health care supplemental plans, for more information contact us today.