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National General Accident HealthNational General Accident & Health is a branch of the National General Holdings Corporation, focusing on providing short-term and supplemental health coverage. In 2023, National General Health policies for both individuals and businesses moved to their parent company, Allstate. The company offers a variety of health insurance products, which are underwritten by four other insurance-focused companies.

Types of Health Insurance Plans Offered

National General Accident & Health offers a variety of health insurance plans to cater to different needs. Here’s a more detailed look at each of the plans:

  1. **Short-Term Medical**: This plan provides coverage for unexpected medical problems and can be purchased for a full year in most states. It covers doctor visits, preventive care, hospital care, ambulance coverage, and more. National General uses the Aetna Open Choice PPO Network for this plan, which allows members to visit any provider, in-network or out, without a referral.
  2. **Supplemental Insurance**: This plan is designed to cover unpredictable medical expenses that may not be covered by a primary health insurance plan. It can help individuals and families manage out-of-pocket costs associated with accidents or illnesses.
  3. **Dental Insurance**: National General Accident & Health offers dental indemnity plans that pay cash benefits directly to the policyholder when they have dental checkups and treatments. There is no waiting period for preventive and basic services, and the plan can be used for applicants from birth through age 94. The company also offers a Dental PPO plan, which provides coverage for preventive care and covered treatments, with the option to add a Network Savings Card to help save an average of 45% on dental care.
  4. **Fixed-Medical Benefit**: This product offers set benefits on medical expenses, providing a limited medical plan that pays set amounts for specific services. It can be a helpful option for those who want a predictable cost structure for their healthcare expenses.

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National General Accident & Health utilizes the Aetna Open Choice PPO Network for Individual and Family Health Insurance, giving members access to a broad network of healthcare providers and the freedom to choose in-network or out-of-network care without a referral. This flexibility allows policyholders to tailor their healthcare experience to their preferences and needs.

Benefits and Coverage Details

National General Accident & Health’s Short Term Medical insurance offers a range of benefits and coverage options to help policyholders manage unexpected medical expenses. Here are some key aspects of the coverage:

  1. **Coverage for doctor visits, preventive care, and hospital care**: Short Term Medical insurance covers doctor visits, some preventive care services, and hospital care, ensuring that policyholders have access to essential healthcare services when they need them.
  2. **Ambulance coverage and urgent care benefits**: In case of emergencies, the plan covers ambulance services and urgent care facilities, providing financial protection against high-cost emergency medical expenses.
  3. **Supplemental coverage and additional benefits**: While Short Term Medical insurance does not cover all services mandated under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), such as maternity care, outpatient mental health services, and prescription drugs, policyholders can enhance their overall coverage by adding supplemental benefits offered by National General Accident & Health or other providers.
  4. **Network providers and cost savings**: National General Accident & Health utilizes the Aetna Open Choice PPO Network for its Short Term Medical insurance, giving policyholders access to a wide network of healthcare providers. By taking advantage of network providers, policyholders can save more on their healthcare costs.

National General Accident & Health’s Short Term Medical insurance provides coverage for various healthcare services, including doctor visits, preventive care, hospital care, ambulance services, and urgent care facilities. Policyholders can also enhance their coverage by adding supplemental benefits. By utilizing network providers, they can save more on healthcare costs.

Claim Process and Customer Support

The claim process for National General Accident & Health involves filing a claim either by phone or online. To file a claim by phone, you can call their claims service at 1-888-325-1190 and provide your name, address, telephone number, and a description of your situation. Alternatively, you can file a claim online by visiting their website. After filing a claim, the National General reviews it, and the claim may be approved or denied.

For assistance with a claim or for health insurance-related inquiries, you can reach National General Accident & Health’s customer service at the following numbers:

– General customer service: 1-800-468-3466

– Health insurance inquiries: 1-888-781-0585

By contacting their customer support, you can get help with any questions or issues related to your claim or health insurance policy.

In summary, National General Accident & Health Insurance offers a range of health insurance plans, including short-term medical, supplemental, dental, and fixed-medical benefit plans. These plans provide coverage for various medical expenses and can help individuals and families manage unexpected healthcare costs. To file a claim or get assistance, customers can contact National General’s customer support through phone or online services.