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Life Insurance for Diabetics

Life Insurance for Diabetics

Diabetes is going to affect you for the rest of your life, and you deserve to have the best insurance available. When you apply for a life insurance policy and get refused, it can be a frustrating experience. But whatever your health condition, there is a life insurance policy for you.

Don’t leave your family hanging with the final expense bill when you’re not here anymore, we help you get a piece of mind knowing that the right whole life insurance from reputable insurance companies will pay for the funeral cost

Just because you are diabetic or taking medications does not mean you are unable to qualify. If you educate yourself and do online research, you can find companies that have agents who can help you.

Presently, carriers will rate you based on your lab results, A1C, and glucose readings. There are preferred rates, standard rates, and substandard rates. Just like it is with any other type of car or property insurance. It depends on what risk you are. Generally, if your control is good, you are good to go.

Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Some companies will charge more for a person who uses insulin than somebody who doesn’t. Though, there are some insurance agencies that charge the same whether you use insulin or not. Commonly, insulin-dependent diabetes begins in childhood. While it is a chronic disease, it is not the most common form of diabetes. Insulin-dependent diabetics account for only 5% of diabetics in North America.

Insulin control is another factor playing a crucial role in influencing life insurance rates. Readings over 9.9 on your A1C Hemoglobin Test can obstruct your life insurance efforts. Your A1C is your average blood glucose concentration over a period, typically 90 days or so. An ideal A1C is below 7; the maximum A1C is 8.5

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Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetics

Many factors influence the life insurance rates a person with diabetes can get. One of them is what type of diabetes you have. In most cases, a person with Type 1 diabetes will pay a much higher rate than someone with Type 2 or pre-diabetes. It is easier to obtain life insurance without a medical exam if you are Type 2 diabetes. However, it might be a little pricier since the company doesn’t know what risk you are. And certainly higher than a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes.affordable life insurance for diabetics

There is also latent autoimmune diabetes in adults, which falls somewhere between Type 1 and Type 2. However, there is coverage regardless of what type you have. It is out there. If you have Type 1 diabetes, you have to be your own advocate. It is called the “silent killer,” many people die from illnesses and injuries related to diabetes. In a nutshell, make sure you are taking of yourself and go to the doctors as much as you can.

Coronary Heart Disease

Life Insurance for Diabetics
Heart disease makes it hard to get a traditional medically underwritten life insurance policy. On the other hand, if you have had mild diabetes and if you had a stent that proved successful. You can usually get as much life insurance as you want and still at an affordable rate. If you have vascular disease or stroke, it is even harder to find a traditional life insurance policy. Even so, there is always something that will work for you. life insurance with no medical question

Having your diabetes under control will improve your chance to qualify, even with coronary heart disease. In the meantime, eat healthily and exercise frequently. That way you can avert heart problems, diabetic or not. And it will improve your application when applying for life insurance. The best life insurance companies can better serve you if you are doing what you can to control your diabetes. But yes, some companies will decline you if you have had coronary heart disease.

When you have diabetes and hunting for an affordable life insurance policy, average life insurance cost you have a long hard road ahead of you. Arming yourself with this knowledge will make it much easier for you. Don’t give up early because if you need something, you can have it, but it will need a bit of extra work. Being honest about your health condition is the key to finding the best life insurance policy. Another important factor is controlling your blood sugar levels because most companies will ask for it first thing. Most of all, stay in touch with your doctors and do a check-up regularly. best life insurance policy you can afford