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can you register a car without a license

Can You Register a Car Without a Driver’s License?

Though you can’t do much with a car without a driver’s license, you can buy and register one in your name. You can even purchase auto insurance without a driver’s license, which is good because that’s typically needed when registering a vehicle.

Someone might, for example, want to buy and register a car if they’re unable to drive but have a caregiver who will use it to take them to appointments.
If you’re buying the car from a dealership, you’ll have to show proof of insurance to secure your financing and take the car off the lot. The first thing to know is that no insurance company will insure that car with you listed as a covered driver.

You will need to insure the car with someone else listed as the primary driver and you listed as an excluded driver. You won’t have any coverage if you get behind the wheel, but that shouldn’t matter– since you’re not going to drive the car anyway. Also, if the car is for personal use, this arrangement is much easier if you and the primary driver live at the same address.
A car you purchase for your business will need a business auto policy. In that case, the business is the insured, and you ‘d list your licensed employees as drivers

Why you may need to buy a car without a license?

How you manage the documentation of car ownership will depend on why you’re buying a car without a license. For example:

• You have a driver. You may be disabled or you just don’t like to drive. Your driver has a license and will be the primary operator of your new car.You may need to include your driver on the title and/or registration.

• Owning a business. Your employees have licenses and will drive the car.Your business will the car’s registered and titled owner.

• Being a collector. You are purchasing the car as an investment and will keep it locked in a garage. You may need to add a trusted friend to the title and/or registration.

• Buying the car for someone else. You might be gifting the car to a spouse or child. Plan on titling and registering the car in the licensed driver’s name.

• Intending to sell the parts. You are in the business of buying used cars and selling off the parts. This might be the simplest situation to manage. Chances are, you’re buying used cars that won’t need registration or insurance.

• You fabricate aftermarket parts. You might also be in the business of fabricating aftermarket parts, and you need the car on hand to design new products. In this case, your business owns the car.

• You found a car you want, but you don’t have your driver’s license yet. In this scenario, hold off on buying the car until you have your license. That will be far easier than navigating the complexities of buying the car before you have your license. You can always find another car if the one you picked out sells.

How do you get car insurance when you are uninsured? Click Here   Get a Quote

Start by comparing online quote from multiple Top Rated insurance companies in your state

If you have been driving without auto insurance, it is possible to purchase an insurance coverage that will cover you to the extent of your state’s regulations and beyond. You may not be eligible for the lowest premium because driving without insurance puts you in a higher-risk category. But you could find reasonably priced coverage if you shop carefully.

Another step, take a look at major auto insurers, such as Geico and Progressive, because they offer very competitive rates and coverage can be purchased online or through agents. Also, check out regional insurers that offer coverage in your state who might be more willing to overlook your faults and provide reasonably priced coverage. Finally, if necessary, assess insurers such as The General and Mendota which specialize in coverage for high-risk drivers

If you’re buying or leasing a new car from a dealership, the dealer will typically handle the registration process for you. Any associated fees will be reflected in the vehicle’s final cost.
Otherwise, you will need to register the car yourself. Different states have different registration requirements. For instance, motorists in California are required to provide proof that a newly registered vehicle passed a smog test meeting the state’s stringent vehicle emissions standards.