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mobile home insurance Arizona

Mobile Home Insurance Arizona Rates

As an insurance agent, I have come across numerous clients seeking insurance options for their mobile homes in Arizona. This article offers a complete insight into the topic of mobile home insurance in Arizona, which I believe will answer most of your queries on the subject

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Blake Insurance Group LLC provides reliable and affordable mobile home insurance in Arizona. Our team is committed to helping homeowners protect their manufactured homes with comprehensive insurance coverage. Whether you reside in Tucson, Phoenix, Mesa, Yuma, Casa Grande, or anywhere else in Arizona, our experienced agents will assist you in finding the most suitable and affordable policy. Get peace of mind knowing that your mobile home’s structure and contents are safeguarded against various perils.

Arizona mobile home insurance

Mobile Home Insurance What Does It Cover?

Mobile home insurance covers more than just your mobile home. It likewise covers your own property and shields you from liability claims. This is what Blake mobile home insurance covers:

Our insurance policies cater to a wide range of homes, including manufactured homes, mobile homes, sectional homes, modular homes, and trailers. To qualify for coverage, the properties must be stationary

Key Benefits of Mobile Home Insurance:

– Comprehensive Coverage: Our mobile home insurance policies go beyond protecting just the structure. They also cover your personal property and provide liability protection, ensuring that you have a complete insurance solution.

– HO-7 Policy: Homeowners with mobile or manufactured houses may need an HO-7 policy, which offers coverage similar to an HO-3. This policy typically includes named peril coverage for your belongings and an open peril policy for the mobile home’s structure, providing extensive protection against various types of damage.

– Coverage for Other Structures: In addition to the mobile home itself, our insurance policies also cover other structures on your property, such as sheds or garages.

– Loss of Use Coverage: If your mobile home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event, our policies provide coverage for additional living expenses, ensuring that you have a place to stay during the repairs.

– Liability and Medical Payments: Our mobile home insurance includes liability coverage, protecting you in case someone gets injured on your property or if you cause damage to someone else’s property. It also covers medical payments to others in the event of injuries occurring on your premises

What Mobile Home Insurance in Arizona Entails

Mobile home insurance, sometimes referred to as manufactured home insurance, is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for the structure and contents of your mobile home. Whether you’re residing in Tucson, Phoenix, Mesa, Yuma, Casa Grande, or any corner of Arizona, having a reliable insurance policy safeguards your investment.

Securing Affordable Mobile Home Insurance in Arizona

To secure cheap mobile home insurance in Arizona, start by reaching out to a licensed insurance agent in your local area. They can provide quotes from top-rated insurance companies to help you find the most affordable policy. An online mobile home insurance quote is also a convenient option. At Blake Insurance Group, for instance, you can easily request a free mobile home insurance quote online.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies

The top-rated mobile home insurance companies are those that offer comprehensive coverage, responsive customer service, and competitive rates. Always compare mobile home insurance quotes online from multiple companies. Check for reviews and ratings from credible sources to ascertain the reliability and performance of these companies.

What Mobile Home Insurance Covers

Mobile home insurance covers more than just the physical structure of your home. It provides protection for your personal property and offers liability coverage against potential claims. The coverage, called an HO-7 policy, is specifically tailored for mobile or manufactured homes and covers damage due to named perils such as fire, smoke, water leaks, explosions, vandalism, and certain natural disasters.

In addition to your mobile home, it also covers associated structures, offers reimbursement for loss of use, and includes medical payments to others. Remember, standard mobile home policies don’t cover flood damage, so if you live in a flood-prone area, consider adding flood insurance to your coverage.

The two main types of mobile home insurance coverage are Replacement Cost Coverage and Cash Value Coverage. Replacement cost coverage pays the actual cost to replace your mobile home if it’s been destroyed, while cash value coverage compensates for the depreciated value of the home.

 The Cost of Mobile Home Insurance

The cost of insuring your mobile home will vary depending on several factors. You might wonder, “How much does it cost to cover my mobile home?” The best way to get an accurate estimate is to find out what your mobile home is worth and use that figure as the base for your home insurance amount.

 Key Tips for Finding Affordable Home Insurance in Arizona

  1. **Shop Around:** Obtain multiple home insurance quotes in Arizona. This enables you to compare offerings from different providers.
  2. **Avail Discounts: ** Insurers offer various discounts, like new or renovated homes, security systems, multi-policy discounts, and more. Make sure to inquire about these.
  3. **Consider a Higher Deductible:** The higher your deductible, the lower your premium.

 Mobile Home vs. Manufactured and Modular Homes

Although the terms “mobile home” and “manufactured home” are often used interchangeably, they have distinct meanings. Mobile homes refer to homes constructed prior to June 15, 1976, while manufactured homes refer to those built after this date. Mobile home insurance covers both of these types.

Modular homes, on the other hand, are not covered by mobile home insurance. They are instead covered by traditional homeowners insurance due to their distinct construction process.

In conclusion, as a professional insurance agent, I recommend reviewing your mobile home insurance

 policy annually or anytime significant changes occur. By doing so, you can always ensure you have the appropriate coverage for your home and belongings, ultimately providing you peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for mobile home insurance in Tucson AZ, Mesa AZ, Phoenix AZ, or anywhere else in Arizona, the most important thing is to choose the policy that best fits your needs.