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Who is OneShare Health

OneShare Health

Health insurance can be expensive, and for many people, it’s not an option. That’s where OneShare Health comes in. OneShare Health is a faith-based medical cost-sharing program that provides an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. But what exactly is OneShare Health, and how does it work? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at OneShare Health and explore the pros and cons of health-sharing plans like OneShare.

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From a professional independent agent’s perspective, health share plans are a noteworthy alternative to traditional insurance. However, the suitability of such plans largely depends on the individual’s needs, beliefs, and financial circumstances

How does OneShare Health Works? one share health reviews


First, it’s critical to emphasize that OneShare Health and similar programs are not insurance. Rather, they’re based on a faith-centric principle of sharing burdens within a community, inspired by a Christian ethos. It operates on the premise that members contribute towards each other’s eligible medical costs. For some, this shared responsibility and community-based model can be more appealing and cost-effective than regular insurance premiums.

Who is OneShare Health?

OneShare Health is a medical cost-sharing ministry that provides an affordable, ACA-exempt path to healthcare. It’s not insurance, but rather a faith-based program that allows members to share the cost of medical expenses. OneShare Health is based on the principle of giving, and members contribute a monthly share amount that is used to pay for eligible medical expenses

OneShare Health is NOT  Insurance.

In terms of customer service, OneShare Health has made reaching them relatively simple, with clear contact information readily available. It’s also worth noting that their claim processing time is commendable; approved bills are typically shared within two weeks, either directly paid to the provider or reimbursed to the member.

Their comprehensive provider list adds to their appeal, offering access to the largest PPO network in the nation, PHCS. This is a crucial selling point for many potential members, given the broad network.

Notably, OneShare Health carries a philanthropic arm, with a portion of unrestricted net assets shared with charities demonstrating financial need. This commitment to giving back reinforces their dedication to embodying Christian values not only within their community but in the broader society.

What is Christian Healthshare?

Christian Healthshare is a term used to describe medical cost-sharing programs that are based on Christian principles. OneShare Health is one such program, and it’s open to anyone who shares the same beliefs and values.

How does Christian health share work?

Christian health share programs like OneShare Health work by pooling resources to pay for medical expenses. Members contribute a monthly share amount, which is then used to pay for eligible medical expenses. Members are also encouraged to pray for one another and offer emotional support during times of illness or injury.

However, while costs might be lower, there are trade-offs. There are certain medical procedures that these ministries do not fund, based on their religious beliefs. This means that if a member requires a procedure that goes against the program’s guidelines, they will have to bear the costs independently. As an independent agent, it’s my responsibility to make these nuances clear to potential clients

Is health share plans a good idea?

Health share plans like OneShare Health can be a good idea for some people, but they’re not for everyone. Here are some of the pros and cons of health share plans:


– Health share plans can be more affordable than traditional health insurance.

– Members have more control over their healthcare decisions.

– Health share plans are exempt from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its associated taxes.


– Health share plans are not regulated by the government, which means there are fewer consumer protections.

– Health share plans may not cover pre-existing conditions.

– Health share plans may not cover certain medical procedures or treatments


OneShare Health is a faith-based medical cost-sharing program that provides an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. While health share plans like OneShare Health may not be for everyone, they can be a good option for those who share the same beliefs and values. If you’re considering a health share plan, it’s important to do your research and compare your options carefully.

In closing, from an independent agent’s standpoint, OneShare Health serves as a viable alternative for individuals who align with their faith-based approach, value the sense of community and shared responsibility, and are comfortable with the outlined guidelines on what medical procedures can be shared.

As with any financial decision, potential members should evaluate their needs and ensure they understand the specifics of how health share plans work before making a commitment. It’s always recommended to consult with a trusted advisor or agent to get personalized advice based on one’s unique circumstances.

In the complex landscape of healthcare options, OneShare Health certainly stands as a unique solution, embodying the spirit of community, mutual aid, and Christian values. And for many, this approach presents not just an alternative, but a preferred path to managing their healthcare needs