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Manhattan life insurance Review Disclaimer:

We are not in any way affiliated with Manhattan life. In fact, we are Independent Insurance Manhattan life insurance Reviewagents that offer Top final expense insurance from top-rated companies. This article is our personal review of the Manhattan Life Insurance Company programs along with our opinions on the matter. If you are looking to contact colonial Penn directly with this info 800-669-9030

Manhattan life insurance review by an agent in Arizona

Manhattan Life Insurance Company, one of the oldest continuously operating companies in the world, was founded in 1850.
We issued the first-ever group life insurance contract and issued one of the first life policies to a woman.

Our rich history has helped shape us into the company we are today– one of excellence and industry-leading innovation. We recognize the diverse needs of our clients and believe in meeting those needs with integrity and passion.

What Kind of insurance product does Manhattan Offer?    (Free Quote No B/S Calls Or spam emails)

ManhattanLife has a comprehensive product portfolio that is customized to the requirements of the modern insurance industry for both Worksite (group) and individual sales. Our collection of voluntary products offers high-quality benefits at affordable rates to employees while offering employers plans to augment and enhance their company’s benefits programs.

Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Indemnity Delivery
You’re injured, you need emergency treatment, and you end up confined in the hospital for five days. “Accidents happen,” the old saying goes. “You can’t plan on them, but you can plan for them.”

People call them accidents for a reason; they are unplanned and can happen to anyone at the most inopportune times.

When an accident affects your livelihood or that of a family member, having a plan for the unexpected can be invaluable. Our Personal Accident Indemnity Delivery product (PAID) can provide you with a vital piece of that plan. The PAID plan helps you pay for out-of-pocket expenses and provides benefits to you or your family for many of the accidents that can happen without warning.

Additionally, our policy is flexible in both benefits and its options. You can purchase the policy as either 24-hour or off-the-job only. With PAID, eligible issues ages are 18-64 and are guaranteed renewable until age 70, subject to our right to charge premium rates.

Cancer Insurance

Why Cancer Insurance?
According to the American Cancer Society:
• In the United States, men have about a 1-in-2 lifetime risk of developing cancer; for women, the risk is a little more than 1-in-3. *.
• It is projected that on an annual basis over 1.6 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed. *.
Although health insurance can help offset the costs of cancer treatment, you still may have to cover deductibles and copayments on your own.

Additionally, cancer treatment can cause out-of-pocket expenses that aren’t covered by traditional health insurance:
• Travel.
• Food.
• Lodging.
• Long-distance calls.
• Childcare.
• Household help.


Meanwhile, living expenses such as car payments, mortgages or rent, and utility bills continue, whether or not you are able to work. If a family member has to stop working to take care of you, the loss of income may be doubled. ManhattanLife helps provide an important safety net in fighting the financial consequences of cancer that result beyond traditional health insurance.

Dental, Vision & Hearing.

The Importance of Dental, Vision & Hearing Insurance.
• Quality of Life.
• Unforeseen situations that are painful, inconvenient, and expensive.
• Basic Medicare does not cover dental, vision, or hearing expenses.

Products Highlights.
• Choose your dentist – No Networks.
• Family Rates (includes a maximum of 3 children).
• Individual 18 – 85.
• Vision benefits 1.
• Hearing benefits 2.
•$ 1,000 – $1,500 policy year benefit option available.
• Guaranteed Issue.
• Guaranteed renewable for life.3.

Hospitalization Benefits.

Affordable Choice.
Surgical and Hospitalization Benefits.
The Right Plan for Changing Times.

For today’s medical uncertainties, people want a product to give them the Peace-of-Mind needed to plan for tomorrow.

• Affordability – Choose from two plan options; find the one that fits your budget.
• Accessibility – Only a few medical questions on the application.Manhattan life critical illness

• Flexibility – Keep your own doctors; choose from individual or family coverage, and access network discounts.
Affordable Choice.


This plan pays a daily benefit amount for services.
• Inpatient Benefits.
• Hospital Admission Benefit.
• Surgery Benefits.
• Doctor’s Office visit.
• Outpatient Medical Benefits.
• Emergency or Urgent Care.
•$ 2,000,000 Lifetime Benefit Maximum.


This is a Hospital Confinement and other Fixed Indemnity Insurance Policy.
Hospital Indemnity.
The Two “Costs” Of Healthcare.

The first is the premium cost to have health insurance. The second is the cost associated with using it. If it is affordable but unsuitable due to high deductibles, co-insurance, and out-of-network charges then it is really not a manageable plan.

CentralChoice products include cost-effective supplements to fill gaps left open with other products including both qualified major medical as well as limited benefit plans.


One of two possibilities will occur for you this year; you will either be hospital confined, or you will not. It is unlikely that many of us will exceed our deductible in a year without a hospital stay. So, in most years we wind up paying our insurance premiums and most or all of the cost of our treatment. But, if and when we are hospital confined, the high cost of treatment will likely have us reach the maximum out-of-pocket threshold of any qualified major medical plan level for even relatively short confinement.

The Importance of CentralChoice as Supplemental Coverage.

Our PremierChoice and SelectChoice package designs each feature a variety of both inpatients as well as outpatient benefits, including surgery. CentralChoice benefits can be paid to any hospital or doctor and when MultiPlan providers are used additional savings through negotiated discounts may be available.

What is now referred to as “qualified plan designs” feature deductible and coinsurance exposure over $6,000 per person per year? This is above the premium cost. Many see the merit of purchasing the “qualified” Bronze plan and using the premium difference between that and more expensive designs to purchase supplemental insurance to “fill the gaps.”.

Life Insurance(Free Quote No B/S Calls Or spam emails)
Term Life.

ManhattanLife offers a variety of term life insurance products that focus on the “family market.” Whether your need is Family Protection or Mortgage Protection, Family Life can provide coverage on dad, mom, and children in the same policy.

ManhattanLife offers simplified issue-level term life insurance for amounts up to and including $250,000 … and for higher face amounts on a fully underwritten basis. Our most popular plan is called “Viva Life” which is a 20-year simplified issue term life plan for ages 18-55 (15 years for ages 56-60) for amounts up to and including $250,000. There are three product options, Viva Life Professional for a young adult who needs basic life insurance coverage,


Viva Life Family for middle-income families who need life insurance coverage on dad, mom and children and Viva Living Benefits for the middle age client who needs life insurance coverage and is also concerned about a critical illness (heart attack, stroke, etc.) in the future. The application is quick and easy to complete with only 4 health-related questions … no medical exam is required. Family Life also accepts clients that do not have a Social Security Number, but they must have an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

ManhattanLife’s term insurance products are available on a simplified issue basis for face amounts up to and including $250,000 and on a fully underwritten basis for higher amounts of coverage. For fully underwritten plans, both standard and preferred rates are available.

Whole Life.

ManhattanLife offers a simplified issue whole life for face amounts up to $100,000 … and higher face amounts on a fully underwritten basis. Our simplified issue plan is called Viva LifeTime. This whole life product offers level premiums and guaranteed cash values and provides permanent life insurance protection that will last a LifeTime. Viva LifeTime is available as a juvenile plan for issue ages 0-17 and for adults for issue ages 18-65. Viva LifeTime is available through our online enrollment system … the application is quick and easy to complete with only 4 health-related questions … no medical exam is required.

Premiums can be paid for your entire lifetime, for 20 years or until your age 65. If you select 20 Pay or Paid Up at Age 65, the policy will be paid up with no further premiums due at the end of 20 years or at age 65. Family Life accepts clients that do not have a Social Security Number but do have an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). Viva LifeTime is perfect for cash accumulation, wealth transfer, or final expenses.

ManhattanLife also offers fully underwritten whole life for face amounts up to $3 million, This whole life product is called Family Protection Premier. This whole life product offers level premiums and guaranteed cash values and provides permanent life insurance protection that will last for your entire lifetime. Family Protection Premier is available as a juvenile plan for issue ages 0-17 and for adults issue ages 18-75. For adults, the plan offers a 20-year term rider on the primary insured and spouse to provide additional insurance protection at a reasonable cost. This plan also offers a child rider.

Preferred and standard rates are available. Premiums can be paid for your entire lifetime, for 20 years or until your age 65. If you select 20 Pay or Paid Up at Age 65, the policy will be paid up with no further premiums due at the end of the 20 years or at your age 65. Family Protection Premier is available for individual permanent coverage, as a family plan and as a juvenile plan It is perfect for cash accumulation, wealth transfer, or final expenses.

Medicare Supplement.

Protection From The Bills Medicare Doesn’t Pay.
Medicare was never meant to cover all of your doctor and hospital bills. Many people do not realize this and expect it to pay all. Reliance on Medicare in this situation can mean financial difficulty with out-of-pocket expenses.

Why Medicare Supplement Insurance is important.

Medicare was not designed to cover all of your doctor and hospital bills and, without supplemental insurance, the costs of health care can get out of hand. The companies of ManhattanLife offer a number of different Medicare Supplement policies to help cover some of the costs that Medicare alone does not.


Medicare Supplement policies help cover costs such as coinsurance, co-payments, and deductibles. With a Medicare Supplement policy, you can keep your out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare down so you can maintain predictable monthly costs and avoid financial difficulty.

When you enroll in a Medicare Supplement policy, you can usually keep your doctors and hospitals and you retain all of your Medicare rights and protections. Take a look at the Medicare Supplement products we provide and find one that fits your budget and needs today.

Mortgage Protection.


Mortgage Protection Insurance (MCI Gold).
Your home may be your biggest investment, but protecting your family in the event of your death is your biggest responsibility.

That’s right, your family depends on you to provide for them every day, to make the mortgage payment every month and to provide the opportunity for a college education for your children. In the event of your death, will the future be bright or will your family struggle?


ManhattanLife offers you the opportunity to provide a bright future for your family through mortgage protection insurance. By selecting an adequate amount of coverage and maintaining it in force, you can …
• Provide final expenses.
• Pay your mortgage in full.
• Provide for your children’s college education.
• Provide for everyday living expenses.


Avoid pressured decisions and possibly a financial crisis for your family by purchasing mortgage protection insurance with ManhattanLife, Where Family Comes First.

Benefit exclusions and limitations may apply to the policy. For additional information about this or any of our other quality products, please contact us or your ManhattanLife Agent or Broker.

Out Of Pocket Protection.

With today’s rising cost of medical care and health insurance premiums, many individuals and groups have selected higher deductibles, fewer co-pays, and more out-of-pocket costs. This has been done to make health insurance premiums more affordable. *.

But, out-of-pocket costs may still cause unnecessary burdens on many individuals.

What’s the solution?

An Out-of-Pocket Protection Plan from ManhattanLife!
This is a Hospital Confinement Protection Insurance Policy.

• Pays directly to you unless you assign your benefits to your provider( s).
• Your choice of benefits and premiums.
• Pays benefits directly to you unless assigned to help with hospital bills and out-of-pocket costs.
• Pays in addition to all other insurance and workers’ compensation.
• No deductibles.