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Cheap pitbull homeowners insurance
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Cheap pitbull homeowners insuranceOwning a pit bull, German shepherds, Rottweilers, Akitas, and wolves or wolf hybrids means that you’re responsible for any damage it causes, whether it’s digging a hole in a neighbor’s yard or biting someone.

For most dog owners, homeowners, or renters insurance policy provides coverage against these actions. However, some insurers deny coverage specifically to pit bull owners, while those that do provide coverage often set up restrictions

Pit bulls are mostly a blacklisted breed that insurance underwriters deem too dangerous to cover or will insure only at an increased rate. In some cases, insurers will sell you a policy but stipulate that claims involving your dog won’t be covered. Some Other commonly blacklisted breeds may include, German shepherds, Rottweilers, Akitas, and wolves or wolf hybrids.

Some other home insurance companies may be willing to insure homes with pit bulls but at a higher cost. The exact price increase is hard to pinpoint because every company has its own approach to selling insurance to dog owners

your insurer may still see too much risk, fearing that a single pit bull attack could lead to especially costly injuries due to the breed’s size and strength.

How much does cheap homeowners insurance go up with a pit bull?

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The liability portion of most home and renters insurance policies provides financial protection against damage or injuries caused by your pets. However, insurance companies apply different rules to pit bulls. Dog bite claims are incredibly costly to insurance companies.

In recent years, dog bites and dog-related injuries accounted for a third of all homeowners’ insurance liability claims. The cost to insurance companies as a result of these claims was in excess of $650 million. The severity of dog bites also varies state-to-state, which can affect the amount of liability protection you need.

If you already have an existing home insurance policy and recently became the owner of a pit bull, German shepherds, Rottweilers, Akitas, and wolves or wolf hybrids you should verify whether your policy has any breed exclusions. More so, you’ll want to verify that dog bites are covered on and off your property. Some policies cover dog bites that happen on walks or trips outside your home or apartment

Other options
Canine Liability Insurance: is a standalone policy that provides policyholders with broad coverage for any dog breed. Pitbull liability insurance can typically be purchased through smaller insurance companies. Keep in mind that even if you purchase pit-bull liability insurance, you should still make your homeowners or renters insurance company aware that you own a pit bull.

Umbrella Policy: An umbrella insurance policy is designed to serve as a supplement to your existing homeowners’ insurance by providing you with a greater liability policy limit. For example, if your home insurance covers liability up to $100,000, an umbrella policy could extend coverage to $300,000. Then if a claim surpassed $100,000, your umbrella policy could cover the difference up to $300,000 If you aren’t fully covered, you would be personally responsible and the costs could be recovered from your personal assets

By demonstrating your pit bull’s good behavior, you can increase your chances of getting coverage through your home insurance policy and also lower your rates. Here are simple steps you can take to prove your pit bull’s history of obedience and safe behavior

*Earn the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate from the American Kennel Club. This is the best way to prove your pit bull’s good behavior.
*Spay or neuter your pit bull. In addition to helping combat pet homelessness, evidence suggests that fixed dogs are more docile and well behaved
*Get your pitbull properly vaccinated, and take it to the vet regularly
*Enroll your pit bull in a training class