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auto repair shop insurance

Auto repair shop insuranceWelcome to the world of auto repair shop insurance, where protection meets peace of mind for automotive industry business owners. As an independent insurance agent, navigating garage insurance is essential to safeguarding your auto repair shop against unforeseen risks and liabilities.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of auto repair shop insurance, also known as garage insurance, exploring the various coverage options, factors influencing insurance costs, and crucial considerations for ensuring your business is adequately protected.

 Whether you’re a seasoned shop owner or embarking on a new venture in the automotive repair sector, understanding the nuances of insurance tailored to your industry is paramount. Join us as we unravel the complexities of auto repair shop insurance and empower you to make informed decisions to shield your business from potential setbacks.


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Auto repair shop insuranceAuto repair shop insurance offers tailored policies for large and small auto service businesses that operate from physical locations like garages, parking lots, or storage areas used for vehicle repairs. Garage insurance is typically essential for businesses such as:

– Automotive repair shops

– Body shops

– Tow or impound lots

– Muffler shops

– Transmission shops

– Auto dealerships

– Tire and battery repair facilities

These businesses, including garages and mechanics, benefit from specialized insurance coverage to protect their operations, assets, and liabilities in the automotive repair industry.

Types of Auto Repair Shop Insurance

Auto repair shops face unique risks and liabilities, making it crucial for owners to secure the right insurance coverage to protect their business, employees, and customers. Here are the six main types of insurance coverage that auto repair shops should consider:

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation is essential for covering medical costs and lost wages for injured employees. This type of insurance is critical because, despite safety measures, accidents can happen, and medical expenses or lost wages can significantly impact both the employee and the business.

Garage Keeper’s Insurance

Garage Keeper’s Insurance protects clients’ vehicles while in the shop’s care, covering damages from events like fire or theft. This coverage is vital as it ensures the shop is not financially liable for a customer’s vehicle’s damages while servicing or repairing.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance covers bodily injuries and property damage on the business premises. This insurance protects the shop from financial losses due to lawsuits or claims related to accidents within the shop’s premises.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance protects the shop’s physical assets from damage from fire or vandalism. This coverage is essential for ensuring that the shop can recover and rebuild after a significant property loss, helping to secure the business’s physical assets and inventory.

Loss of Income Insurance

Loss of Income Insurance provides financial support if the business cannot operate due to covered events. This insurance is crucial for helping the shop survive financially when it cannot generate income due to disasters or other unforeseen events that halt operations.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance covers vehicles used for business operations, including those for towing or parts delivery. This insurance is necessary for protecting the shop from liabilities and financial losses related to accidents involving vehicles used during business operations.

Each insurance type addresses specific risks associated with running an auto repair shop. By understanding and securing the right mix of coverage, shop owners can protect their business from significant financial losses and ensure its long-term viability.

Importance of Insurance for Auto Repair Shops

Insurance is a fundamental aspect of running an auto repair shop due to the various risks involved in the business. Auto repair shops need insurance to protect their finances against common hazards such as theft, lawsuits, and damage from work-related accidents. The nature of vehicle repair, with its unpredictability and the use of modern technology, can lead to cars breaking down unexpectedly, which can be costly for the shop if it is held liable.

Insurance is necessary for an auto repair business for several reasons:

**Protection Against Theft**: Auto repair shops contain valuable tools, equipment, and customer vehicles, making them targets for theft. Insurance can cover the loss of these assets.

**Lawsuits**: The business could face legal action if a customer or third party is injured on the premises or if there is property damage. General liability insurance can cover medical expenses and attorney fees resulting from such incidents.

 **Natural Disasters**: Events like fires, floods, or storms can cause significant damage to the shop’s physical location and assets. Property insurance can help cover the costs of repairs or replacements.

**Accidents**: Accidents can occur during work, such as an employee getting injured or a customer’s vehicle getting damaged. Workers’ compensation and garage keepers’ insurance can provide coverage for these risks.

 **Business Continuity**: Insurance supports business continuity by providing financial support when the business cannot operate due to covered events, such as natural disasters or major accidents. This can include loss of income insurance and business interruption coverage.

Costs and Factors Affecting auto repair Insurance Costs

The cost of auto repair insurance can vary depending on several factors, such as the size, location, and specific needs of the auto repair shop.

– **Worker’s Compensation**: On average, workers’ compensation insurance for auto repair shops can cost around $1,110 annually for shops with no claims.

– **General Liability Insurance**: General liability policies for auto repair shops can start at around $600 annually for a small operation. However, costs can vary based on location and level of interaction with the public.

– **Garage Keeper’s Insurance**: Garagekeepers’ insurance for auto repair shops can start around $800 per year but may exceed $2,500 for larger shops. The cost depends on factors like the number of vehicles attended to daily

– **Property Insurance**: Property insurance for an auto repair shop can cost around $1,000 annually, but prices vary based on location, coverage needs, and the property’s value.

– **Business Owner’s Policy**: A business owner’s policy (BOP) that combines general liability and property insurance can cost an auto repair shop around $50 per month, totaling approximately $600 per year.

– **Commercial Auto Insurance**: The cost of commercial auto insurance for vehicles used in business operations varies depending on the number of cars and specific coverage needs.

Several factors influence the cost of auto repair shop insurance, impacting the overall premiums that shop owners need to pay. Here are the main factors that affect insurance costs for auto repair shops:

Type of Coverage

The type of coverage chosen significantly impacts insurance costs. More comprehensive policies, such as those covering a wide range of risks, are recommended for larger shops with higher customer traffic. These comprehensive policies may come at a higher premium but provide broader protection.

Insurance Rates

The reputation and reliability of the insurance company can affect premiums. Working with a reputable insurer may result in more competitive rates and better coverage options for auto repair shops.

History of Claims

Shops with fewer past claims may secure better rates on their insurance policies. A history of minimal claims can demonstrate to insurers that the shop is a lower risk, potentially leading to lower premiums.

Total Assets Insured

The total assets insured by the policy directly impact the premium cost. The more assets covered under the policy, such as equipment, tools, and property, the higher the premium is likely to be.

Potential Risk Exposure for Employees

Shops with employees who work with heavy equipment or perform hazardous tasks may face higher premiums due to the increased risk exposure. Insurers consider the risk associated with employee tasks when determining insurance costs.

Choosing the Right Business Insurance

When selecting the appropriate insurance for an auto repair shop, it is crucial to consider the specific needs of the business, the types of services offered, and the level of risk exposure. Here is a guide to help auto repair shop owners choose the right insurance coverage:

Evaluate Your Business Needs

Business Property Insurance**: Protect your auto repair shop from theft, vandalism, fires, and other incidents that cause property damage. This coverage also includes office supplies and missing inventory and can be amended to provide business interruption coverage.

**Employee Theft and Crime Protection Insurance**: This policy safeguards your business from damages incurred due to employee theft or criminal activities.

**Garage Liability Coverage**: Protect your shop from claims and medical bills resulting from accidents on the premises. Auto repair shops often face more severe accidents, requiring specialized liability arrangements for adequate protection.

**Garage Keeper’s Insurance**: Ensure coverage for clients’ vehicles while in your care. This insurance can range from basic protection to comprehensive coverage for various losses.

**General Liability Insurance**: This policy covers basic repair shop risks, such as injuries or property damage that may occur during operations. Consider adding garage liability insurance for additional protection.

**Commercial Auto Insurance**: Cover vehicles used for business operations, including testing drives or customer vehicle transportation.

Work with a Local Agent

Consider working with a local agent like Blake Insurance Group to navigate the complexities of auto repair shop insurance effectively. Local agents can provide personalized service and tailored insurance solutions that meet the specific needs of your auto repair business.

By carefully assessing your business requirements and understanding the various types of insurance coverage available, you can select the right combination of policies to protect your auto repair shop from potential risks and liabilities effectively. Collaborating with a local agent can further enhance your ability to secure comprehensive and customized insurance solutions tailored to your business operations.

Auto Repair Insurance Companies Offering Tailored Coverage


   – Nationwide provides comprehensive business insurance for auto repair shops, offering protection for property, liability, business income, equipment breakdown, and more. Their coverage is designed to help auto repair businesses recover from unexpected incidents and continue operations smoothly.

**Liberty Mutual**:

   – Liberty Mutual offers tailored insurance solutions for auto service and repair shops, including commercial property coverage, general liability, business income protection, equipment breakdown insurance, and additional options like garage liability and employee practices liability coverage.


   – Travelers provides specialized insurance packages for auto repair shops, encompassing commercial property insurance, general liability coverage, business income protection, equipment breakdown insurance, and other essential policies to safeguard the business against various risks and liabilities.

**The Hartford**:

   – The Hartford offers mechanic insurance, also known as auto repair shop insurance, providing coverage to protect auto repair businesses from risks such as accidents, injuries, legal fees, and damaged vehicles. Their tailored coverage helps ensure the smooth operation of auto repair shops.

**Progressive Commercial**:

   – Progressive Commercial offers a range of insurance solutions for auto repair shops, including commercial property insurance, general liability coverage, business income protection, equipment breakdown insurance, garage liability coverage, and more. Their policies are designed to address the unique needs of auto repair businesses.


   – Acuity is recognized for its excellent service in working with auto repair professionals at repair shops. They offer tailored insurance solutions to ensure quality repairs and efficient work processes for mechanics and automotive repair professionals.

**NEXT Insurance**:

   – NEXT Insurance provides fast and tailored business insurance designed for auto repair shops and car mechanics. Their coverage includes general liability, garagekeepers liability, faulty work coverage, commercial property protection, and more to address the specific risks auto repair businesses face.

These reputable auto repair insurance companies offer specialized coverage options tailored to auto repair shops’ and mechanics’ unique needs. Shop owners can secure comprehensive protection against accidents, property damage, legal liabilities, and other risks associated with the automotive repair industry by choosing one of these providers.