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Aliera HealthcareThrough a loophole in the Affordable Care Act, Aliera Health Care is able to offer comparable benefits at substantially lower prices than regular Covered California health insurance plans and still allow you to avoid the ACA penalty
Aliera Health Care is a Health Care Share Ministry (HCSM). In the past, HCSM’s were only open to strict Christians, but Aliera has opened the door for members from any faith as long as they have some sort of a belief in God and a commitment to taking care of their health. Health care sharing ministry plans are NOT insurance.

HCSM’s or Health Care Sharing Plans, according to the ACA, are exempt from the requirement of Obamacare. They aren’t subject to all the red tape of the Affordable Care Act. That saves them a lot of money that they are able to pass on in savings to their members. Learn more about Aliera Health Care and how to save money by choosing health share coverage. Learn more about Aliera Health Care and how to save money by choosing health share coverage.
Also, because they are exempt, their members are also exempt from the requirements of Obamacare.

That means that HCSM members don’t have to worry about the penalty for not having health insurance.
Also, it’s a burden to have to pay out-of-pocket for every health care expense. Then, you have to fill out paperwork to get reimbursed. Not anymore!
Aliera has solved this problem. The pool member contributions and pay direct to the providers just like a regular health insurance company. This way you don’t have to keep track of all your health care expenses and report each one of them.


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There are five different Aliera Health Care Plans. The top two sellers are AlieraCare and CarePlus Advantage. Learn more about Aliera Health Care Plans.
Aliera Healthcare is helping millions of Americans by providing several alternatives to Obamacare, including healthcare sharing ministry (HCSM) options and their innovative HealthPass Self-Insured Programs.

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Note: these plans are NOT health insurance. HealthPass PLUS PPO and HealthPass Premium PPO are self-insured programs. They do not cover hospitalizations or surgery.
However, these group plans do cover preventive care and many other services that may save you a substantial amount of money should you need medical care.
Satisfy minimum essential coverage requirements at a minimum price

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HealthPass has three levels of minimum essential coverage compliant plans: value, plus, and premium. Through them, you receive full-coverage preventive care, routine doctor visits and telemedicine, over 50% off prescriptions, and a limited number of urgent care visits. Monthly costs start under $75.
Aliera MEC plans have two types of networks to choose from. You can choose the Closed Network where you use assigned providers, or for a little more money, you can choose the PPO Network