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Through wars, peace, and economic downturns and upswings, Pekin Insurance has remained undaunted. … Today, Pekin Insurance is one of the nation’s most successful insurance providers, with combined assets of $2 billion, more than 800 employees, 1,500 agencies, and 8,500 independent agents

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Pekin Insurance helps our customers build their dreams. Or rebuild their lives. We provide peace of mind and long-term security for our policyholders, shareholders, agents, and employees.
Through wars, peace, and economic downturns and upswings, Pekin Insurance has remained undaunted. We’re flexible, innovative, and we’ve always managed to find ways to get the job done– since 1921.

Today, Pekin Insurance is one of the nation’s most successful insurance providers, with combined assets of $2 billion, more than 800 employees, 1,500 agencies, and 8,500 independent agents.
In this uncertain world, Pekin Insurance is able to still stand strong because of our foundation of values.
We are people-focused. We believe in building solid relationships.

Only by taking a genuine interest, and remaining responsive and caring to our policyholders and agents, can we stay strong … and grow. Our philosophy is conservative, our solutions are high-tech.
But above all, our values are best expressed not through words, but actions. We are fast, fair, and committed to delivering superior service. We also provide outstanding products at competitive prices. We follow through. Then take that extra step to get results … Beyond the expected. ®.

Pekin Auto Insurance.

Prepare for the Unexpected.
Car accidents happen every day. You’re distracted in a parking lot and back into another car. You’re pulling out of the garage and realize a second too late that the lift gate is still open. Or you’re in a more serious auto accident and the medical bills are quickly adding up. Even minor repairs to a vehicle can be costly– making a good insurance plan a nice thing to have.

Auto insurance is there to protect you from financial loss in case of an accident, and thankfully, with an auto insurance policy from Pekin Insurance, you can drive through life knowing we have you financially protected. Car accidents, hail or weather damage, hitting a deer, and theft are all covered under our comprehensive auto insurance plans.

Pekin Home Insurance.

There’s no place like home.
Your home … it’s your favorite place to relax after a long day. It’s where your kids run after they step off the school bus. It’s where many of life’s milestones have taken place and where more will happen. Your home is where you play, plan, and dream with those you love. That’s why it’s essential you insure it properly– both inside and out.
Home Insurance Covers More Than Disasters.

Home insurance from Pekin Insurance isn’t just reserved for times of catastrophes such as fire, tornadoes, and other natural disasters– although it’s a welcome sight when your home has been subjected to complete ruin. The hail damage you received to your roof, the broken water heater that flooded your newly finished basement, theft, vandalism, identity theft, and more are all items that can be covered under the Pekin Insurance policy.

Rest Easy with Financial Security.
There is nothing more precious than your family’s security. That’s why having the right amount of life insurance is so important. A good life insurance policy can offer you peace of mind and be the cornerstone of your individual financial plan for the future. But, if you’re like most people, you don’t know what life insurance plan is right for you. Do you need a whole life insurance plan? What about a universal life policy? Or maybe term life insurance fits your needs best?

Pekin Health Insurance.

Learning to Live Healthy.
We all strive to make good choices in our lives that let us live healthy and well. Yet accidents and illnesses still happen. And when they do, you want to make certain you will be protected with the right health coverage and benefits for all your health insurance needs.

Medicare Supplement Insurance helps pay coinsurance and deductibles.
If you’re over 65, you can’t rely on Medicare alone to cover your health care costs. There are obvious gaps between what most individuals need and what the government can pay. With Pekin Insurance Medicare Supplement Insurance, you can ensure you’re covered without straining your budget. Choose Plan F (our most popular plan for seniors), which covers all deductibles and coinsurance. Or choose Plan F High Deductible (not available in Wisconsin), which requires a one-time deductible to be met each year before coverage takes over.

Pekin Business Insurance.

Smart Business Owners Protect Their Investments.
When you own a business, you carefully watch your profits and cash flow. But you need to watch out for the unexpected, too. Even the most expensive, high-tech security devices available today can’t guarantee that your business won’t be burglarized tomorrow. Pekin Insurance can help protect your business from financial losses with valuable coverage like Workers Compensation, Business Liability, Commercial Auto, and much more. Add in our many coverage enhancements and you’ll see that we can easily take care of all your commercial insurance needs. Smart business owners protect their investments with the right business insurance plan. Get a quote today on business insurance from your local Pekin Insurance Agent.

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