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cheap liability insurance for churches

cheap liability insurance for churchesFinding insurance for your church can seem like a baffling task. However, it can help to break down the coverage you need into two main types: property and general liability.
Fortunately, basic small church insurance policies can be pretty affordable. … General Liability Insurance typically costs $425 to $780 for a church

For many, the church is the center of their community. From weekend worship to life classes to youth activities running a church is no different from running a business.
However, the church has a set of unique exposures that many businesses do not have. It is important to understand what insurance coverage is and why your organization needs it.

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Church Property Insurance is the easier of the two to explain. Basically, it covers the things you own. So church property insurance would provide coverage for your church building, the grounds, and all of your contents inside the building.

If your church is completely taken out in a fire, church property insurance will cover the costs of rebuilding. If your church is burglarized, property insurance, again, would offer you financial protection to cover your losses.

Church Liability Insurance, though, is equally essential to the financial well-being of your church. If congregation members hurt themselves in your church or if parishioners destroy someone else’s property during a church event– they might, for example, scratch the hood of a car during a church-sponsored car wash– your church general liability insurance will cover the damages to the injured party and cover the expense of your church’s legal defense. church insurance package

While these are just two of the coverage offered for churches, church insurance there are other specialty coverage that you should consider as well. One of those specialty coverage’s is sexual misconduct coverage. Sexual misconduct liability is a policy that protects churches when its members either commit or are accused of sexual crimes on church property or while on church business.